Terms And Condition

Terms And Conditions

Please Read The Following Terms And Conditions Carefully. Participating In The Campaign And Submitting Your Feedback Means That You Have Read And Accepted These Terms And Conditions.

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Money Back Guarantee is organized by “Fine Hygienic Holding”, referred to as “FHH” in the rest of this document.
  2. FHH is conducting a “double money back guarantee” campaign to encourage participants to try the ‘Fine Baby’ diapers and experience its good quality, risk-free. If the consumer isn’t satisfied with the Fine Baby diapers they purchased, they can avail the benefit of this campaign and get double their money back.
  3. The Individuals wishing to participate in this campaign can do so by obtaining a receipt of their purchase that does not date longer than 30 days.
  4. Upon purchasing a pack of Fine Baby diapers and using it, if the user is not satisfied with the quality and performance of the product, he/she may claim back double the money spent on purchasing the Fine Baby diapers.
  5. This campaign is open only to participants residing in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt or Jordan, with infants aged 36 months or below.
  6. FHH holds the right to change the terms & conditions at any time throughout the campaign without prior notice.
  7. Any attempt to tamper or overpass the rules of the campaign will void the receipt/invoice FHH reserves the right to exclude participants that are identified as having suspicious or abusive behavior.
  8. Each participant has the right to unsubscribe from the campaign by sending a request by email to (finebaby@finehh.com).

Money Back Warranty Claim:

  1. Participants who wish to claim their money back have to follow 2 steps
  2. Step 1: They need to enter their Name, Email, Country, Mobile Number, and the age of the baby for whom the diapers were used.
  3. Step 2: They will need to upload a receipt (JPG or PDF) and answer the required questions (A detailed description of performance issues faced with the diapers in 100 letters or more)
  4. An FHH representative will then contact the participant to proceed with additional verifications and actions if needed. This may include:
    1. Collection of the original purchase receipt.
    2. Collection of the remainder of the purchased pack, and verification that not more than 25% of it was used.
    3. Obtain a picture or copy of the baby’s birth certificate.
  5. The FFH representative will proceed with the reimbursement if no anomalies are found.
  6. FHH will refuse a "Money Back Guarantee" claim if:
    1. The receipt dates back/more than 30 days
    2. There is no purchase receipt for the diapers pack, or the purchase receipt date was outside the “Warranty” period.
    3. If the participant fails to provide the pack of Fine Baby diapers that is subject to the claim with no more than 25% of the pack used.
    4. If no reasonable explanation is provided about the experience with Fine Baby and the precise reasons behind the claim.
    5. If the explanation in the claim form was filled with unrelated text or contained inappropriate language.
    6. If either the mobile or the email with whom the participant has registered the "Warranty" is not in his/her possession anymore.


  1. The information provided by the participants will be used by FHH to contact them in relation to the campaign or for other communication related to any of the brands of Fine Hygienic holding.
  2. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, participants provide FHH with the right to use the personal information they provided in order to communicate with them during the campaign and for marketing purposes related to any of FHH brands.
  3. FHH will not share this information with any third party, apart from the ones required for the execution of this FHH campaign. FHH will not share or sell this information to third-parties.
  4. Any participant can request cancellation of his/her participation in the campaign, removal of his personal information from FHH database, or to stop receiving SMS messages or emails from FHH by sending an email to (finebaby@finehh.com). FHH will then proceed with the participant request within a period of a maximum 7 days from the request.

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