The 1st Trimester Mommy Experience - Weeks 8-13

 8th Week

During your 8th week, increasing hormone levels will trigger changes in your breasts’ tissue to prepare for lactation, causing them to grow, so chances are you’ll need a larger bra size that offers better support. In general, breasts continue to grow throughout the duration of a pregnancy, and it’s not unusual for first-time mothers to go up 1-2 cup sizes. You might start to feel more sluggish and fatigued as your body increases its progesterone production, and frequent midnight trips to the bathroom can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. Some women develop acne or other skin problems because pregnancy increases the body’s oil secretions. If that’s the case with you, don’t worry; most acne breakouts clear up on their own after the first trimester, which is when your hormones will begin to settle down. If you’re pregnant with multiples, your breasts will feel tender, and you might start to show signs of your pregnancy as your tummy develops a slight bump.

9th Week

Your waistline might be expanding, but your pregnancy still won’t be that noticeable. In addition to morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms, mood swings are normal at this stage; you might be calm and relaxed at one point, and ready to burst into tears for no apparent reason the next. Your breasts should feel much fuller than before around now, and might be sensitive and tender to the touch. You might also start experiencing heartburn and indigestion.

10th Week

Good news: morning sickness should start to ease up this week. You’ll still have to deal with raging pregnancy hormones, however, which will add to your moodiness and might trigger the development of temporary blotchy red patches on your skin. You might not need maternity clothes just yet, but you will be noticing that your clothes fit you more snuggly than they used to, thanks to bloating and (possibly) your slight weight gain. Because your blood volume will have considerably increased by now, you might notice more vivid veins around your stomach, legs and breasts.

11th Week

Things will be looking up as your morning sickness begins to subside and you start to feel more energetic. On the other hand, a slower digestion and changing hormones might cause constipation and possibly heartburn. If your morning sickness is stopping you from eating a wide range of healthy foods or hindering you from putting on healthy weight, don’t worry; you appetite should be improving soon and you’ll begin to gain ½ kg per week.

12th Week

It’s customary for the uterus to shift up and forward around this week, which is great news because it means that your bladder will be under less pressure from now on and you won’t need to run off to the bathroom as often. Morning sickness and nausea will also be improving at this stage, and you’ll probably feel less fatigued. You might start to experience headaches as a result of your increased blood volume, however.

13th Week

Congratulations, you’ve completed your first trimester! The risk of miscarriage is considerably lower now, and come next week you’ll be dealing with less discomforts and entering what is often thought of as the golden stage of pregnancy. It’s normal to feel slight abdominal achiness this week as your uterus and the ligaments holding it up begin to stretch. Make sure to rest often and take things easy as you enter your second trimester.